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This is the era of Mega Corporations, cyberwarfare, corporation espionage and sabotage

Mega Corporations are rising to dominate the world.

You are one of the cyber-defense specialists that are employed by a Mega Corporation. Your primary and only mandate is to protect corporations electronic network from intrusions, at any costs.

Arx Cyberthica is Emerald Core Games vision on how hacking and cyber security will look like in the near future. In that timeline, Visual Reality and Augmented Reality are widespread in people's daily lives. Everything is presented as visual objects and symbols, and Visual Programming Language is the standard computer programming language

Cyberwarfare is visualized as a very dynamic environment, filled with symbols and icons. Command Line hacking is reserved only as a failsafe or if the user is trying to connect to outdated machines or O/S

You will be equipped with various Countermeasure Programs to prevent and repel intrusions to your employer's secure network. The control on your cyber-security monitor is mostly by clicking, but, at certain times you can also use command lines to interact with the environment


We are relaunching this game as an Early Access Game based on inputs and suggestions from some early players. So please reach out to us if you have any suggestions on how the game should be developed further

Changes from the previous version:

  • We simplified the upgrade mechanics
  • Putting Endless Wave mode into the game

Install instructions

Download and unzip the file. Click on the EXE file to play


Arx Cyberthica EARLY ACCESS.zip 50 MB

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